Walking the Walk

by Luke Galea

“Walking the walk” – In other words setting foot in a meandering freshwater river bed and trekkin it. It would have to be my favourite type of fishing. The fish are never of a size or quantity off the Richter Scale, its physically demanding – but at the end of the day, I absolutely love it and would encourage people to give it a crack!! Some of the spots you will find will look like that should be part of a National Geographic film shoot.

Our feet hit the river bed at around 5am and here began our long walk upstream. The plan was to walk roughly 12km on this particular day and knew it was going to be a hard slog with temperatures in the mid 30’s. I had one goal, and that one goal was to use the Atomic Crank 38 all day without changing lure type. I have massive wraps on this lure and it is quickly becoming my favourite little hard body – bar none. Lately I have found that pretty much everything with fins will have a go at them. I wouldn’t characteristically use this lure as my first choice option for the hard fighting sooty grunter due to the small profile and small trebles but I just wanted to see how it would go and test the standard trebles to the limit.

The action of the Atomic Crank 38 is super tight and the colour range is wicked. Lately, I have been loving Tristos Ramjet, Tristos Eagle and ever faithful Muddy Prawn colours.

On this occasion, sootys were in every place you would imagine them to be, predictable buggers. The base of the rapids where the water was eddying around the undercut banks were fruitful options when it came to reliable structure. As soon as we cast our little hardbodies into the flow and ripped the lure down about 10cm from the surface, they would just get monstered by small to medium sized soots. It was a heck of a lot of fun site casting to these fella’s in the clear water.

Oh and I would also like to add that not a single treble was straightened – some were a little bent, but still held true enough to land the fish. Super, Super Impressed!