Red Delights

The humble Redfin perch, a species that often gets avoided by skillful lure fisherman due to their easy catch-ability. There isn’t a lot of skill involved in catching the ‘usual’ small sized Redfin but to consistently catch those big, solid Redfin requires some skill. Redfin are well known for their fighting abilities, although they aren’t dirty fighters like bream, they often take long runs with strong head shakes giving the angler enjoyment out that can be endured in a quick session!

Here are a few tips to catch bigger redfin on a regular basis:

  1. Big lures big fish: Although not always the case, big Redfin usually take larger profile lures. Using bigger lures also cuts out catching all the smaller pesky fish. Personally I like to use 3” atomic prongs or 60mm atomic shiners.
  2. No guts no glory: bigger fish tend to live deep in timber, sometimes this means losing a few lures but it’s worth it to catch a trophy fish.
  3. Snagless/weedless: when fishing a larger profile plastic it pays to rig it weedless which eliminates getting snagged and also increases the areas that you can cast into.
  4. Match the hatch: Find out what the fish are feeding on and try and match that as closely as possible. If they are feeding on smaller Redfin, throw a hardbody such as an Atomic Shiner 60mm, if they are feeding on Marron/Yabbies make sure you’ve got an Atomic 3” prong on the end of your line!

Personally, I like to run the 4-8lb Majorcraft Go-Emotion with a 2004 reel and 8lb Aorika II line. Leader depends on the condition of the water but anything between 6-10lb will work a treat.

Next time your out on the water make sure you take these few tips and tricks to ensure you land that trophy Redfin!  image3image4