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JP and Sooty fishing with Atomic Plazos

by Mat Cameron In the crystal-clear waters of North Queensland’s inland rivers the scenery is beautiful, the fish are plentiful and the fishing can be sensational! However with the incredibly clear water and intelligent fish, it can also be a tough task to tempt them to bite. On a recent trip north I was lucky […]

Deep Water Bassin

By Joey Allan It’s cooling down and while the depths of Winter may be some months away its worth starting to consider some deeper water options. Bass in particular can be challenging at the best of times. They school up on secondary drop offs and structure. You can see them on your sounder in large schools…

Snapper on the drift

by Brad Corrie They day started out targeting whiting and squid. We launched from Ardrossan and headed to our squid and whiting grounds with a plan to get a few squid to use as fresh bait and then hit the KGW. With the water quality crystal clear we knew the squid wouldn’t be to hard […]

Brown’s Rocks Deep Water Breaming

by Mat Cameron Brown’s Rocks is an area on the Clarence River about 5km upriver from the mouth, which has the reputation for holding large numbers of big bream and other fish year round. Brown’s consists of lots of large, flat, plate-rocks, pockets of reef, boulders and rubble patches. The depth varies between 3-15m and […]

Pink Cores on Top

by Dan Mackrell Warmer water temps get the bream a little more active and sees them feeding higher in the water column. There are so many different lures, retrieves and techniques to catch bream these days however I challenge you to find a more exciting method than throwing unweighted Atomic Pink Core Plazos to entice a […]

The best thing since sliced bread

by Matt Cameron One lure has quickly became my go-to lure when fishing canals and other man-made structure where bream congregate. This lure is the Atomic Plazo 2inch Prong, in colour white. This particular plastic is beginning to accumulate bream victims incredibly quick! Canal-dwelling bream love little more than bread and other food scraps. This […]

Mooloolabah ABT Technique Report

by Mat Cameron The forecast coming into the tournament was looking bleak, and this did not change as tournament day one rolled around. 20 knot winds and 40mm of rain made or an uncomfortable day one the water in a yak, but this was bearable as the fishing really fired! Over half the field were […]