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Brilliant Blades

Blades would have to be one of my favourite lure presentations. This is one extremely versatile piece of fishing weaponry that is guaranteed to catch fish all year round. With 3 different tow points, the Atomic Hardz Metalz and Megabass Blading x range are ideal for all fishing styles. I typically keep it simple and […]

Atomic Hardz Vib. A detailed breakdown.

  In today’s lure market, it is hard to come by something that really gets me excited. However, the new Atomic Hardz Vib is an exception- this lipless crank has been designed and refined from the bottom up to ensure that it will be a standout product. It has already proven itself on a host […]

Atomic Semi-Hardz Minnows – One of my favourite things

by Luke Galea Yeah that’s right I have been watching too many re-runs of IFISH and Pauls “my favourite things” segment is stuck in my head. It made me think, if I had to pick one of my favourite fishing related items, what would it be? There are so damn many to choose from…but then […]

Atomic Metalz/ Bass Megabucks

By Tom Deer On a bit of a road trip from Adelaide recently I had the pleasure of fishing with Grafton angler, Tony Thorley, in the ABT Megabucks event held at Lake Somerset Qld. Competing as team Bassday, Tony and I had a ball catching several fish throughout the 3 sessions plus the prefish. Over […]

Exploring Skinny Water

by Zac Skyring It pays to never pass up skinny water. Some of the most unlikely looking sections of creeks can produce the biggest surprises. Those spots where you think would not be possible to hold any fish of substance can occasionally blow you away. There was a session in the far upper reaches of […]

Semi-Hardz! Completely Awesome!

by Luke Galea To say that I am impressed by the performance of the new Atomic Semi-Hardz Minnows is a complete understatement. The main reason is….THESE THINGS CATCH FISH!! I mean REALLY catch fish. I have used them on 5 occasions now and they have not let me down yet. I have caught 10 nice […]

Atomic Shines on Shut Down Bass

by Zac Skyring Knowing Somerset for its schooling and aggressive bites on big Bass, I was getting excited as the weather suggested it would be a good days fishing. On arrival at the dam I was greeted with a 15knot cold south-easterly which was completely opposite to what was predicted. Knowing that this wind would […]

Totally addicted to Bass

by Luke Galea I have just returned from a fortnight away visiting the family in Bundaberg and once again, chasing Bass in the picturesque Lake Gregory out of my yak, ranked very highly on my list of priorities. It was 2 days before the full moon and this for me personally is prime time to […]