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Red Delights

The humble Redfin perch, a species that often gets avoided by skillful lure fisherman due to their easy catch-ability. There isn’t a lot of skill involved in catching the ‘usual’ small sized Redfin but to consistently catch those big, solid Redfin requires some skill. Redfin are well known for their fighting abilities, although they aren’t […]

From flathead fillets to sheer GT fun

  For the majority of people living on or near the east coast of Australia there is a fishable beach within reasonable travelling distance and 30 minutes drive can be all that’s needed to get amongst it. The kids love it, the dogs love it, and it’s one of the few places I feel truly safe […]

Atomic Shiner 85

We’ve all had a crap days! Too much to do in too short a time. Things going wrong. We’ve all been there but today was mine. Home late enough to take the dog for a walk in the dark, Catherine not feeling well. All tensed up and in a foul dark place. Tonight after dinner […]

Shiners…Fat Grubs and Bulldogs – Atomics sensational trio!

by Luke Galea Top-water fishing methods would have to be my most favoured form of fishing, bar none. I was using an Atomic K9 Bulldog with the aim of landing a few nice sooty grunter and saratoga in an early morning yak assault and it didn’t take long for the faithful K9 Bulldog to find […]

Shine on!

By Andrew Badullovich Atomic have produced some fantastic hard-bodies lures, and it goes without saying that the Crank 38 would be the most popular lure among anglers within the Atomic range. This said, there is less spoken of the Atomic Shiner 45. I was digging through my tackle box one morning, searching for a lure […]

Technique: Tapping the Slack, Atomic Shiner 45

By Dan Mackrell With the first rays of sunlight creeping through and having just positioned myself perfectly with the electric motor, I checked the drag to ensure I had adequate pressure to pull any fish out of structure as quickly as possible. First cast was a bit wide so I feathered the spool to stop […]