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Walking the Walk

by Luke Galea “Walking the walk” – In other words setting foot in a meandering freshwater river bed and trekkin it. It would have to be my favourite type of fishing. The fish are never of a size or quantity off the Richter Scale, its physically demanding – but at the end of the day, […]

Forster Breaming – Essential Lures

by Matt Cameron Forster on the NSW mid north coast has the reputation for being one of the state’s premier estuaries, and for good reason. Many trophy bream, whiting, flathead, luderick and more have been taken from the flats and weed beds of Wallis Lake, but it’s the thousands of oyster racks and the lure…

Atomic Shiner 85

We’ve all had a crap days! Too much to do in too short a time. Things going wrong. We’ve all been there but today was mine. Home late enough to take the dog for a walk in the dark, Catherine not feeling well. All tensed up and in a foul dark place. Tonight after dinner […]

Big Bream, No Worries…

by Grayson Fong As many of my followers know, my proximity to Redcliffe Peninsula just north of Brisbane, has yielded a soft spot for me over the years. It’s unpredictability for different species, big and small gives me the itch to get out there and see what I can catch. Being a east facing peninsula, […]

Exploring Skinny Water

by Zac Skyring It pays to never pass up skinny water. Some of the most unlikely looking sections of creeks can produce the biggest surprises. Those spots where you think would not be possible to hold any fish of substance can occasionally blow you away. There was a session in the far upper reaches of […]

Wading the Flats

by Zac Skyring Wading the flats is one of my favourite ways of fishing in summer. Being able to sight cast big ‘elbow slapper’ whiting and quality size bream in shallow water always serves itself for an awesome days fishing.  When on the flats my favourite way to fish is with surface lures or shallow […]

Atomic Shines on Shut Down Bass

by Zac Skyring Knowing Somerset for its schooling and aggressive bites on big Bass, I was getting excited as the weather suggested it would be a good days fishing. On arrival at the dam I was greeted with a 15knot cold south-easterly which was completely opposite to what was predicted. Knowing that this wind would […]

Power fishing for black bream

by Paul Malov “Power fishing” isn’t a term you’d often associate with fishing for black bream. Normally we would be talking about ultra light lines, long leaders and lightly weighted, natural looking presentations, however I threw all that out the window on a recent trip to East Gippsland Victoria. Maybe I have just been watching […]

Shine on!

By Andrew Badullovich Atomic have produced some fantastic hard-bodies lures, and it goes without saying that the Crank 38 would be the most popular lure among anglers within the Atomic range. This said, there is less spoken of the Atomic Shiner 45. I was digging through my tackle box one morning, searching for a lure […]

Get Crankin

By Andrew Badullovich I love catching bream on hard-bodied lures, and the most effective method that I have come across on the far south coast of NSW is slow rolling an Atomic Crank 38 mid, through the shallows. The shallow estuarine flats are great locations to target bream, flathead and whiting; however, the fish can be quite timid […]