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Atomic Hardz Vib. A detailed breakdown.

  In today’s lure market, it is hard to come by something that really gets me excited. However, the new Atomic Hardz Vib is an exception- this lipless crank has been designed and refined from the bottom up to ensure that it will be a standout product. It has already proven itself on a host […]

Targeting Luderick on Lures

Luderick fishing has long been a very “traditional” affair with the old timers keenly keeping their secret rigs,baits,tips and spots very much to themselves, sharing these intricacies only with a lucky few. It is for this reason I will be surprised if my suggestion that we can actually target this elusive table fish on lures, isn’t […]

Atomic GGS 38 Crank

by Tom Deer The Atomic 38 crank in GGS colour is my go to lure when chasing black bream although I do make a slight modification. In order to gain distance to the cast and to get the lure to suspend I often glue 1/2 a small split shot to the underside of the lure. […]

Atomic Prong wins First Comp for Connor Duffy

“It was no ABT but hey, we all started somewhere” You could say the release of my “Sight Casting Big Bream on Atomic Hardz Bream Shads” video has sparked my addiction to competition style fishing. After receiving praise from anglers and a local Sport Fishing Club (the hosts of the Corio Bay Classic), I was […]

Atomic Shad 40 Micks Madness

by Tom Deer Had a great little session recently at Wonboyn Lake NSW. I was there to get myself in the groove for the ABT Bream Mallacoota round and to test the effectiveness of a few retrieves and lures. The water was very clear and rather than go for a neutral or transparent colour I […]

2015 Gippsland Lakes ABT report

by  Dan Mackrell pics courtesy of In early June I travelled to Metung in East Gippsland to compete in the ABT qualifier event. Pre Fish: Normally when I fish this area the water is a good deal warmer and fish can be spread out throughout the whole Gippsland Lakes system, but with the onset […]

Walking the Walk

by Luke Galea “Walking the walk” – In other words setting foot in a meandering freshwater river bed and trekkin it. It would have to be my favourite type of fishing. The fish are never of a size or quantity off the Richter Scale, its physically demanding – but at the end of the day, […]

JP and Sooty fishing with Atomic Plazos

by Mat Cameron In the crystal-clear waters of North Queensland’s inland rivers the scenery is beautiful, the fish are plentiful and the fishing can be sensational! However with the incredibly clear water and intelligent fish, it can also be a tough task to tempt them to bite. On a recent trip north I was lucky […]

Forster Breaming – Essential Lures

by Matt Cameron Forster on the NSW mid north coast has the reputation for being one of the state’s premier estuaries, and for good reason. Many trophy bream, whiting, flathead, luderick and more have been taken from the flats and weed beds of Wallis Lake, but it’s the thousands of oyster racks and the lure…

Deep Water Bassin

By Joey Allan It’s cooling down and while the depths of Winter may be some months away its worth starting to consider some deeper water options. Bass in particular can be challenging at the best of times. They school up on secondary drop offs and structure. You can see them on your sounder in large schools…