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Brilliant Blades

Blades would have to be one of my favourite lure presentations. This is one extremely versatile piece of fishing weaponry that is guaranteed to catch fish all year round. With 3 different tow points, the Atomic Hardz Metalz and Megabass Blading x range are ideal for all fishing styles. I typically keep it simple and […]

Spring, It’s the Season for Gold

by Chris Frith With winter behind us, albeit a very mild one, you cannot help but feel at least a little excited about the next couple of months of targeting yellowbelly in our western waterways. Spring certainly is the season that memorable yellowbelly catches are made, with the spawning activity making these gems of the […]

Megabass – Simply sensational!

by Luke Galea Well all I can say is WOW! My most recent kayak fishing session was truly one of the most memorable sessions I have ever had. The main underlying goal for me was to test out some of the new Megabass lures (namely the Beetle-X’s and Orochi coloured Dog-X Jnr) on our resident […]

Light line Victorian tuna action

By Paul Malov Having never caught a reasonable tuna before, i jumped at the opportunity to head down the coast with some friends Dan Mackrell and Luke Smith from Reel Time charters, after receiving a call to say “The tuna are ON, come down!!”. It was rough and lumpy but I was PUMPED up to […]

Exploring Skinny Water

by Zac Skyring It pays to never pass up skinny water. Some of the most unlikely looking sections of creeks can produce the biggest surprises. Those spots where you think would not be possible to hold any fish of substance can occasionally blow you away. There was a session in the far upper reaches of […]

Power fishing for black bream

by Paul Malov “Power fishing” isn’t a term you’d often associate with fishing for black bream. Normally we would be talking about ultra light lines, long leaders and lightly weighted, natural looking presentations, however I threw all that out the window on a recent trip to East Gippsland Victoria. Maybe I have just been watching […]

YF whiting on Atomic K9 Walker

By Tom Deer With the water starting to warm up myself and Shane Murton headed up to Port Pirie for session on the YF whiting , made all the more exciting as they were tuned into and keen on surface lures. We traveled up separately, as Shane wanted to stay on for the opening of […]

Targeting Tricky Toga

by Luke Galea There could be no arguing that Saratoga would be one of the most spectacular looking freshwater fish there are. Their appearance verges on prehistoric and to be honest, they would not look out of place swimming around with the dinosaurs. Every scale is marked with unique red/brown spots like an Albert Nemertjira […]

Vic Snapper Luring

by Dan Mackrell At the end of each year, it seems that the majority of anglers living in Victoria immediately switch their attention to chasing Snapper. These fish enter the bays in huge numbers around this time of year to feed up and spawn. It truly amazes me how popular Snapper fishing is in Victoria […]

Mallacoota Mayhem

by Nick Reay Mallacoota is famous for its consistently large black bream, so it needs no introduction. It was this reputation that persuaded me to make the trip; Narooma – Mallacoota –Narooma all in one day. To go there fish all day then drive back would involve a total of 6hrs of driving on top […]