Brilliant Blades

Blades would have to be one of my favourite lure presentations. This is one extremely versatile piece of fishing weaponry that is guaranteed to catch fish all year round. With 3 different tow points, the Atomic Hardz Metalz and Megabass Blading x range are ideal for all fishing styles. I typically keep it simple and tie to the middle tow point.


We are told that certain lures are best presented at only certain times of the year but the blade is one lure that I will use in impoundments, wild rivers and the salt, all year round.


Super easy to use, a simple long cast, followed by a slow retrieve or hop will produce results more often than not. A technique I have found successful when the slow retrieve just isn’t producing is to really rip into it with short, sharp twitches to let off as much flash as possible.


The technique will definitely alter whether fishing bass or bream but the basic principles are much the same; provide flash, hops and a varied speed retrieve to fool them cranky fish into a reaction bite.


Muddy Prawn in the Atomic Metalz… The Bream just love them!


Megbass Blading X, perfect for deepwater blading!

Megbass Blading X, perfect for deepwater blading!