Atomic Shad 40 Micks Madness

by Tom Deer

Had a great little session recently at Wonboyn Lake NSW. I was there to get myself in the groove for the ABT Bream Mallacoota round and to test the effectiveness of a few retrieves and lures.

The water was very clear and rather than go for a neutral or transparent colour I decided to go the other way and tie on the brightest lure I had in my day box. This is something that I have been trialing lately and for some inexplicable reason it has been working well.

So, tying on the Atomic shad 40 deep in Micks Madness colourĀ  I headed up the back of the lake to try my luck. I had a short, but very productive session boating 8 legal bream, some of which I actually saw chew down on the lure. I find that using the brighter lures makes it easier to swim the lure through structure and give a focal point to concentrate on enabling me to “ride” the lure.

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