Atomic Hardz Vib. A detailed breakdown.


In today’s lure market, it is hard to come by something that really gets me excited. However, the new Atomic Hardz Vib is an exception- this lipless crank has been designed and refined from the bottom up to ensure that it will be a standout product. It has already proven itself on a host of species for those lucky enough to get some early samples- personally, they’ve been a ‘go to’ yellowbelly and bass lure for me.
The Atomic Hardz Vib was designed with a holistic approach to ensure that every base was covered, but I would just like to focus on a few points of distinction that I have noticed with the product.


New kid on the block! The Atomic Hardz Vib will be suited to all things freshwater.

New kid on the block! The Atomic Hardz Vib will be suited to all things freshwater.

1. Weight Distribution. The Hardz Vib is perfectly balanced, with a forward weight system that can be seen to make up the nose/lower lip of the lure. While swimming the lure, this pulls the nose down and combined with the flattened head produces an enticingly slow wobble at extremely slow retrieve speed. This feature will enable and encourage anglers to fish the Vib at slower speeds which is typically a key to successful bass and yellowbelly luring.


2. Gross Weight. Hitting the scales at 10.4grams, the Hardz Vib is slightly lighter than most of its competition. This also contributes to encouraging a slower retrieve, but also enhances the free falling action of the lure, as it will sink slower and maintain an attractive action on the drop. Most bass and yellowbelly anglers will vouch for ‘pausing’ a lure mid retrieve; the Atomic Hardz Vib will excel at drawing strikes during this as it tantalisingly descends past its predator’s eyes.


3. Proven Colours. The Atomic Hardz line are a proven lure range across many species- the colours have been tried and tested so rest assured all the colours available in the Hardz Vib are strong contenders. The wide variety of both natural and psychedelic colours means that there will an option to suit any conditions you’re faced with.


at 10.4 grams, the weight of this lure will contribute to it's effectiveness in fishing snaggy river.

at 10.4 grams, the weight of this lure will contribute to it’s effectiveness in fishing snaggy river.


4. Rattle or Silent. We all know that a rattling lure is a great way to call fish and draw bites, but from time to time, the fish will not respond to rattling lures, particularly on pressured waterways or faced with finicky specimens. In such instances, opting for a silent model can be the key to success. A good tip for when fishing with a partner is to have the lead caster using a rattler and the follow up use a silent- as the rattle can often work a teaser but not necessarily make a fish commit.


5. Components and Build. The Atomic Hardz Vib is equipped with quality componentry and have a sturdy construction that will even be able to tame trophy specimens. It’s an Australian designed and owned lure that meets the demands of Australian fish and our rugged waterways.


There’s plenty more I could talk about with this particular gem, but I can leave that for another day. The Atomic Hardz Vib should be hitting stores now. Make sure you check them out, you won’t regret it!


Chris Frith